Will your next job find you?

I am getting closer to getting together a small team of people to help me launch a series of workshops to help job seekers. I wrote about it a few weeks back.

It’s about how to work on your social media resume, but also about how it has to connect with the other pieces of your brand value. I’ve got some great advice and support, but still need someone who can do a one-hour session on personal branding.

What’s in it for you? If you like mentoring people, you will get some experience for starters. You will also get a chance to help a few people who never thought this could happen to them. If you’re in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe or Mesa area, send me an email if you need more details.

In a timely post, Rohit Bhargava  today wrote how this is a good time, as any,to not just look out for a new job but to look out for your new role.  Sometimes it’s not what you put into finding that job. It’s what you invest in making sure that that new job finds you.

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