Twitter may be the worst way to..

Fill in the blanks here, if you could.

I am sure you’ve heard of some bad etiquette and bad practice when it comes to using Twitter. I am a big fan of the this micro-messaging tool, but I occasionally come across stories where tweets are so inappropriate.

  • There was that incident last year of a journalist tweeting at a funeral of a kid.
  • Recently at the BBC, a possible case of someone being promoted to a top position using a tweet. When will someone get fired via a tweet, one wonders?
  • Using Twitter to push TMDI –too much damn information– that might overwhelm followers. I’ve unsubscribed the right non-word is ‘un-followed’ to one famous person for this reason.
  • A lazy journalist’s use of Twitter as a replacement for vox pops – – excellent analysis here.

Twitter may be a terrible way to tell your boss you are not coming to work (and forgetting to use the direct messaging function), flirt, attack someone, disclose something you should only be doing offline etc. I am sure there are dozens more examples. I like to hear.

(Image above linked to from NewsPhobia)

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