Great response to spam question

Someone asked this question at Mahalo Answers about web site promotion using the service.

“What’s the best way to promote a web site on Mahalo without indulging in spam?”

Many chimed in about etiquette, plugs, helpfulness etc, but one at the top was all that someone needs to know:

“How about this: Please don’t.”

In case you haven’t noticed, the ‘Answers’ model is catching fire. Mahalo has fired a shot across the bow of Yahoo Answers. And then there’s the mobile version of this that’s like the flame thrower aimed at both – ChaCha.

Basically ChaCha is a way to text a question (to short code 242242) and have a live person research the answer and send you back the answer via return text. How cool is that?

Let’s just hope spammers and marketers don’t try to pollute that model. Don’t think they would? Consider this: The “Answers’ model is a real-time, human version the one that made Search –and Google — a key part of marketing.

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