Quotes for the week ending 3 January, 2009

“Resuscitating a dead guy — particularly one whose yearning for peace has been used to sell everything from diapers to ice cream — never works in your favor.”

AdRants, on John Negroponte’s use of John Lennon for a campaign to promote One Laptop Per Child.

“Social Media is right-hemisphere brain function…which is why the left-hemispherical ROI evangelists have a hard time understanding it.”

Ron Ploof, new media evangelist and consultant.

“It can be a trivial and childish realm, filled with blather about bodily functions, pet excrement and what users had for breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

Julio Ojeda-Zapata, in the book, Twitter: From Blather to Business.

“Health care is one of the best messengers of peace between nations.”

Mike Leavitt, US Secretary of Health, blogging about what Iraq Prime Minister Maliki told him.

“I have decided that my goal for 2009 and beyond is to be famous for relevance.”

Nathan Wagner, blogger at RelevantChews.com

“You have proven that Wikipedia matters to you, and that you support our mission: to bring free knowledge to the planet, free of charge and free of advertising. You’ve helped make and keep Wikipedia available for the whole world.”

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, at the conclusion of the fundraiser since July 1st, 2008 to raise $6 million.

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