Quotes for the week ending 27 Dec, 2008

“I’d made sure I’d bought plastic handcuffs and a plastic whistle but I hadn’t realised that the costume had a metal ban.”

A clown, David Vaughan who was made to strip down to his underwear when passing through a security checkpoint in the Birmingham airport in the UK.

“So, although it’s true we need a president who can juggle several issues at once, we don’t need a president who falls prey to “continuous partial attention.”

Eric Weiner, author, in a column (memo) asking Barack Obama to kick the Blackberry habit.

“Vatican embraces iTunes prayer book.”

AP story on how the Vatican (which has a ‘Pontifical Council for Social Communications’) is embracing the iBreviary, an iTunes app. Better still the application was created by an Italian priest.

“Only a tiny, tiny number of individuals could even theoretically ‘twitter for a living’ — just as almost no one successfully blogs for a living.”

Sam Lessin, CEO of Dropio, in Advertising Age, in a column about how advertisers could turn Twitter into an ad network.

“being in a car with bad brakes driving toward a cliff in the fog.”

John Holden, the man tipped to be Obasmas’s science adviser, on how the US is currently addressing environmental issues.

“So, why exactly are you planning on the future being just like it is now, but with better uniforms?”

Seth Godin, on why predicting the future is futile, and why readiness is the only sensible strategy

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