Bernoff: Corporate blogs need to earn trust

19 Dec

Josh Bernoff’s commentary around recent study by Forrester Research on the low trust of corporate blogs is very timely. At least for me. I contribute to a few other blogs outside of this one, and have just stared a corporate blog for the Decision Theater.

I instinctively shunned the style of a blog that deals with just my work place. Granted, it’s quite an unusual place, with a whole bunch of 3D visualization, technology bragging rights and is also the ‘front door’ to Arizona State University. But people come to walk through our doors for solutions, not brochure-speak, and I like to tell them that the “about us” part of the 5-screen presentation is really about our clients, and the big issues out there in decision-making.

Bernoff’s point is that a corporate blog shouldn’t come across as corporate stuff forced through a blog platform. In fact it should not be a 100 percent about the organization.

I couldn’t agree more.

  • I trust Dell and subscribe to their blogs like Digital Nomads not because of what ‘the company says about its products, but because of  the conversations they allow to take place around the Nomads idea.
  • I often click on a company’s blog before even read their press release, so why would I read a blog that is written like an extended press release?
  • The ‘platform’ doesn’t earn respect in an of itself. It’s the human voice. Reid Walker writes a blog about ‘WorldSourcing’ that happens to be a blog for Lenovo. He’s the VP of global communications, but writes about books, outsourcing, innovation… not about Lenovo ads or PR.

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2 responses to “Bernoff: Corporate blogs need to earn trust

  1. jennifersaylor

    December 19, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    Where’s the blog for Decision Theater? I’d like to subscribe.



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