Twitter questioning begins

08 Dec

I thought Kathleen Parker‘s column slamming –OK, questioning– the validity of Twitter was much. Followers, she describes as “a live self-selecting audience of brain voyeurs.”

And:  “the impulse to stay incessantly in touch can be viewed either as gregarious or as a sign of consuming anxiety …the opiate of the obsessively compulsively disordered.

Indeed, Parker also raises some good questions, such as whether we might find some value is all public officials practiced some form of instant communication.

But Jerry Bowles‘ post that I missed last week goes further, with the provocative “Twittering is for Birdbrains” headline. His point?  That far to many people communicate the minutiae of their lives in this microblogging format and few communicate real ideas. Now I don’t entirely agree, but let’s be honest. Don’t many people’s tweets make us cringe?  That shouldn’t cripple the medium altogether.

You bet I am monitoring the comments that ensue –even those in the twittersphere!

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