Quotes for the week ending 6 December, 2008

06 Dec

“It is no use waiting for a 21st century Gandhi to do it! You and I must do it, if we are to change the world.”

Deepa, a Mumbai blogger at Mumbai Magic, who like many other Mumbaikars, are urging the government and the people to take action, now.

“for every “oh god my sister is in that hotel”, there’s one “Twitter is beating CNN! Yay us!”

Twitter user going by the name ‘naomieve‘ – last week’s tweet.

“Another “Twitterstorm” erupted this week when…”

The stormy clouds rolling in on a discussion at Media Bullseye about the Twitter storm.

“The mouse will no longer be mainstream in three to five years.”

Steve Prentice, analyst artGartner, on the news that Logitech has shipped one billion mice. He predicts the multi-touch device will kill the computer mouse.

“This one was significant, this one got our attention.”

Unnamed spokesperson for the Pentagon, commenting on news that Russian hackers had penetrated Pentagon computers.

“Innovation overhaul”

Peter Daboll, CEO of Bunchball in Advertising Age on the need for advertising innovation.

“dissenters’ voices may add volume to the discussion on international Internet governance and lend it legitimacy.”

From article on the centralization of Internet Governance under the UN

“Now if they can improve their iPhone service and turn it into an application, this will get even more interesting.”

Steve Rubel, on the improvement of Zinio, a digital magazine service for those who don’t want to let trees die to sustain a magazine habit.


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