White House 3.0 groundwork in place

02 Dec

Looks like the Obama team is using to take the government into a 3.0 world. That’s right, they may as well skip past 2.0 and push into new territory. When was the last time you heard the government say that during this transition process, we the people could “participate in redefining our government?”

Take a look at their Newsroom and Blog links. Already you see signs that the old news page is merging with the blog, because you get a Newsroom: Blog category when you click on the Blog link.

And they’re quite up to speed on the Creative Commons 3.0 license, talking of a 21st Century government, where content will need attribution, but will be open to ‘remix.’

Would this make the interface (whose ‘interactive’ page inteprets interactivity as a Q & A exchange) obsolete? I can see it going through a huge overhaul?


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