They want their Bombay back!

01 Dec

People in Mumbai (or ‘Mumbaikars’) have begun to more than rally round after the terror attacks. They are angry and determined to send the terrorists –even the political and religious leaders — a strong message. It reminds me of the Londoners’ “We are not afraid” campaign. Networks are being forged, calling for:

UNITY: One group, organizing under the banner “We will not be divided” is asking people to sign a petition, and effectively get the leaders to take action. Today there are 26,676 members. Their message:

“We’re launching a message to extremists on all sides, and our fellow citizens, one that will be published in newspapers across India and Pakistan and delivered to our political leaders within one week. The message is that these tactics have failed and we are more united than ever.”

ACTION: A Facebook group, “One Million Strong for Bombai,” is pointing out who is to blame, and calling for change. They blame the politicians, the intelligence forces, and … themselves.

“By simply joining and saying ENOUGH, we’re taking a step, awakening us from our stupor of indifference.

CHANGE FROM WITHIN: And most poignantly, from someone I know comes a long piece, saying she wants her Bombay back. She taunts those who have remained silent until now, knowing the change will involve a bottom-up movement.

“I am extremely angry now because my city has bled enough. I want to do something… anything .. to save my city, my home. I wonder why no prominent personality…actor, politician, sportsman, celebrity, poet, theatre artist, doctor… has come forward to fight for their city.”

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