Times are tough. Compete, don’t complain

12 Nov

Yawn. There’s a lawsuit being filed by against Scottsdale-Arizona based iCrossing.

Having been within earshot of the folks as they trotted out the hires (and this was more than two years ago) one has to wonder: Was Agency in a coma all these years? On the other hand, what is it complaining about. If you can’t hold onto your employees by providing the proper incentives, would a court order do the trick?

Let me sidestep a personal angle here and comment on what’s at stake in a tight economy.

  • Eat your own dog food. Marketing agencies seem to be great at coming up with solutions for their clients, but are embarrassingly bad when it comes to applying some of it to themselves.
  • Empower your employees. Employees beat brochures. And trade shows. And junkets. The iCrossing I remember ran ran a top-down operation that was ridiculously incongruent with the bottom-up world it operated in.
  • Reputation is (that awful word again) sticky. Companies get too busy propping up a reputation with press releases and forget to monitor and respond to chatter. has some great bylines in major trade pubs, but some bad google juice it warned after a YouTube incident that still hangs around.

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