Op-ed video proves Sarah Palin a wild card

24 Sep

Stanford aw professor, Lawrence Lessig, has a great analysis of why Sarah Palin doesn’t stack up against other VPs in history (a claim she made to ABC’s Charlie Gibson recently).

He compares the experience factor to a long line of vice presidents, and concludes that yes she may be courageous and smart, but not enough to meet the challenges today.

Why is this interesting? Not just because this is an erudite response to a prepared (read: spun) answer for the media. But because this is a YouTube response that moves the news story (linked to and viewed more than 235,000 times on YouTube) forward.

Much of the media coverage of the candidates doesn’t get to this kind of detail. It’s amazing what those outside the realm of journalism can do with a story. Sure Lessig weighs in at the end, making it an Op-ed video. But it’s a lot more valid (and dare I say entertaining) than seeing governor Palin completely blanking out over the question about the “Bush doctrine.”


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