Obama’s counter-smear machine

22 Aug

Nothing beats a simple, well updated web site. And nothing beats a smear campaign than a counter-smear paint brush that fills in the details of a blurred picture created by smear artists.

The Obama campaign has found a great way of not just correcting the distortions about him, but to expose the names and history behind those who it claims are behind the smears.

Running off the main site, the Fight the Smears page is filled with the scurrilous emails, and sentences quoted out of context or distorted, with the correction or proof. No wonder he’s often called the Web 2.0 candidate, with a range of new media channels, including a well fed blog, Twittering and a text-message option for those who want to be the first to know his VP pick.

Web sites like (like crop up every few weeks, as do negative ads from McCain. But a YouTube video slam and a web site isn’t half as effective as the cumulative force of the web 2.0 counter smear machine –powered by facts.


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