Fake CEO Blogs serve a purpose

There has been a lot of talk about CEO blogs. Not everyone is cut out for it. That’s why there’s a Fake Steve Jobs blog, while the real Steve concentrates on better things. There was as Fake Jonathan Schwartz blog, but it hasn’t been updated for a while. Pity, as the writer does a good job at it dropping names and taking a few swipes.

I don’t know if Richard Branson has the inclination to blog, but his fake Branson blog could very well be his, written in the style of his book, Screw it, just do it.

Fake Steve Ballmer blog headerThe other Steve’s fake blog is more entertaining and revealing. The Steve Ballmer’s fake blog, that is. Consider this post: I’m not Steve Ballmer, not pretending to be me.” How could you resist? The banner (above) ought to win a blog branding award, despite its being a cliche!

So what lesson do you think we could draw from these fake CEO blogs?

Some options:

  • The Chill Out factor: They help the CEO and his/her corporate handlers loosen up in other forms of communication
  • The Holy Guacamole! Test: They give a potential CEO blogger a taste of social media and what lies in store
  • The Fear Factor. It makes the CEO go “That’s it. I ain’t going there!”

But …they could also help this way:

  • Provide valuable feedback because the fake blog is authored by someone who represents a public sentiment. The fake Jeff Skilling blog may be a bit cruel, but it tells you people think about white collar crime.
  • Tell you what the country is thinking –especially if you’re a politician like McCain who plans to be the country’s CEO. Yes, there’s a Fake John McCain blog!

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