IABC Conference, the classic ‘meat space’

Meeting board outside the networking areaThe term ‘meat space’ may be an awful way of describing why conferences like this –where the focus is on faces, not Blackberries– matter. But it’s true. We have come here to escape the digital world and connect back in analog fashion. IABC tells me that are attendees from nearly 50 countries.

The sheer density of people, back-to-back-to-back sessions, keynotes and dinners force you to realize that sitting at a computer and sucking at an RSS feed does not compare (If you’re reading this via RSS, sorry!) Having said that, there are lines at the computer terminals. Long lines. People multi-tasking, big time. Two other prominent people are blogging the conference: Shel Holtz, and the CEO of Social Media Today, Robin Carey, whom I met for the first time. Delightful team at SMT. They aptly serve the content curation role that Steve Rubel talked about yesterday.

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