Social media minus geek-speak and PowerPoint

I head to the IABC International conference in New York that starts next week. Two things I can expect: To meet a lot of folk interested in social media, and to see see a lot of PowerPoint slides 🙂

But what has left an indelible mark on me is a series of videos created by Lee and Sachi LeFever and his wife at CommonCraft. This one, particularly on social media in plain English.

If you’re interested, CommonCraft says they offer licensed versions to ‘educators and influencers.’

As someone who writes about this stuff, attempting to demystify technology and clear the fog that hovers over technology, I think this work is pure genius.

One thought on “Social media minus geek-speak and PowerPoint

  1. Hi Angelo,

    I really enjoy this series of videos as well. They’re very useful in explaining complex concepts in very easy to understand language. I often use their “RSS in Plain English” during my presentations. In fact, I’ll be using it during my IABC pre-conference workshop this Sunday on social media.

    You can participate in growing an IABC community during the event on Twitter, where I set up a very unofficial profile:

    I look forward to meeting you!


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