Quotes for the week ending 21 June, 2008

“It’s a push back from the sound-bite culture.”

Lee Rainie, director of the Pew group, on recent findings that 30% of Americans use the web to get more of the story that the media slice up.

“We have a steady, relentless snack-food diet of facts and ‘news briefs’ driven by the mistaken perception that fast is best and better in an RSS alert-enabled world. Unfortunately, with news happenings in constant motion, we never “have time” to “go back” and provide a deeper look for our news consumers.”

Linda Zimmer, on the blog Business Communicators in Second Life.

“A radical suggestion for the Social Media Release: don’t put any Social Media Releases out over the wires.”

Todd Defren, recommending people publish a regular press release on the wires, with a link in it to the Social Media version.

“They’ll get half of it right. We’ll push them to getting all of it right.”

Michael Tippett, co-founder of Now Public, on how bloggers are being trained in Journalism by the Society of Professional Journalists.

“The reality is that they’re tiptoeing in the gray zone between open and traditional media.”

Andrew Keen, commenting on Encyclopedia’s move to expand it’s ‘community of experts.’

“Nope. No fine print here my dear sirs and madams. HONEST. Everything that’s currently free is still free.”

Mike Curtis, on Jing’s blog, about the relationship -and business model– of Screencast and Jing by parent company Techsmith

“it’s a big red flag that the AP is now waving in the blogosphere.”

Neville Hobson, on the Associate Press’ pay-as-you-quote system

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