Quotes for the week ending 19 April, 2008

19 Apr

“We’ve been waiting for the internet bubble to burst.”

Nick Denton, founder and publisher of Gawker Media, on selling off Wonkette a gossip blog, and two other blogs.

“The Internet, which is shorthand for ‘interconnected network’ …is often broken because applications don’t interact.”

Robert Scoble, in Fast Company

“SugarSync may be just as sweet as you like it.”

Stephen Wildstrom, Tech columnist in BusinessWeek, on a new service that keeps stores the most resent files on a server  and synchronizes them with all devices.

“It’s a good idea to have a chief blogger.”

Mack Collier, social media consultant and blogger at Viral Garden, in a round table conversation hosted by Advertising Age.

“The drug industry appears to treat scientific data as if it were a marketing tool.”

Bruce Psaty, co-author of an article in the Journal of American Medical Association, on Merck & Co’s “studies” on Vioxx.

“Never use an agency to buy mobile media.”

Are Traasdahl, president-CEO of Thumbplay.

“They are being ignored by the Western media.”

Alicia Chen, senior at Arizona State University, on the too much attention in the news to politics, and not enough focus on the sports.


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