Quotes for the week ending 12 April, 2008

12 Apr

“Nobody has the right to say ‘shut up’.”

The Dalai Lama in Japan, saying he supports the Olympics in China, but that protesters have their freedom to speak.

“experience great nights out without the fatigue.”

Description of Burn Alter Ego, a Facebook application from energy drink, Burn (a Coca Cola product) that lets people’s avatars go out and mingle with others, and have an automatic blog post about the encounters.

“Geoffrey Moore’s “late majority” and “laggards” have yet to join the party, but they will.”

Shel Holtz, interviewed by ValleyPRBlog, on the adoption of social media and its impact on PR.

“It’s a dreamer’s ad.”

Barb Rechterman, Exec VP at domain registrar GoDaddy, on the un-risque ad, “Kart” featuring (finally) a message about web sites.

“It is depressing that sound bites have replaced sound judgement, and that character assassination of one’s opponent has become expected political strategy.”

Cal Thomas, Tribune Media Services

“I just wonder why the torch was running away from the people.”

Jerry Fowler, president of the Save Darfur Coalition, on the tactics used to protect the Olympic torch in San Francisco.

“That, ladies and gentleman, is what you call your ‘marketing challenge’.”

Bob Garfield, Advertising Age, about an ad by John McCain that makes us forget the Iraq war, but unhelpfully invokes Vietnam.


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