Quotes for the week ending March 29, 2008

29 Mar

“In our rush to create social networks in cyberspace, we often forget that we already have a start (at least) of our social network in our physical spaces that just need some cultivation.”

Chief Experience Officer, David Polinchock, quoted in Ad Age, about an audience game using a motion sensor and the movements of the wisdom of the crowd.

“Let’s take a look at social media. It doesn’t have hard edges.”

Steve Rubel, on why three internet careers (“Social Media Consultant,” “Internet Advertising Sales,” “Digital Talent Agent”) that will soon disappear.

“Writing a business plan: that can be taught… but a really good idea, you can’t teach that.”

Rhett Wilson, community and entrepreneurial liaison at Arizona State University, in The State Press, on the $25,000 grant for a faculty of staff member with a winning business idea.

“What is the purview of a county sheriff, at least our county sheriff, is publicity.”

E. J. Montini on Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio’s losing a Supreme Court case, but winning free PR.

“I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement.”

Hillary Clinton about her “just words” moment, when she recounted visiting Bosnia under sniper fire 12 years ago.

“Guess what I think the fifth ‘P’ (in marketing) should be ?”

Rohit Bhargava, in a new book Personality Not Included, called released this week.


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