TV commercials, still entertaining

I often take to task the role of TV advertising in this age of so many other targeted media options. But to give credit where credit is due, some commercials still do a great job of telling a story in 30 seconds, making the product stand out as hero etc.

This spot for McDonald’s from what I occasionally call ‘analog agencies’, does just that, and nicely weaves in the importance of the digital age.

The scene: An elevator. "Shaffer, says a woman dressed in business suit and pearls, just joining him in the elevator, "I’ve been considering you to head up sales." She says this while eyeing his take-out bag of McDonald’s. Shaffer looks pained (plus, there’s a hint of a heavy laptop in a bag slung on his left shoulder.) He hands over his breakfast bag to the lady without a word.

They are joined by a senior management type, who now eyes the bag in the lady’s hands and says "Hansen, I’ve been thinking of you for that new board positon." She hands him the Mcdonald’s bag without a fuss. You wonder how much higher this can go –the seniority, not the elevator. The next stop brings in a slacker type in an ill-fiting jacket and T-shirt. He glances over at the bag and says loudly: "Sure hope I can fix someone’s email today…" The bossman, thrusts the bag into his hands. Close with his cynical smile, the McD’s logo, and tagline: ‘smile.’

I suppose the unspoken line is: Clothing maketh a full man. McDonald’s, a happy man!

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