Evelyn Rodriguez in Sri Lanka

Thirteen months after the tsunami in Asia, you don’t see much coverage. Not surprising, if you understand the media news cycle, and the need to go after breaking news. The back story get’s tucked into special sections, or is occasionally picked up by NPR.

But there’s one person who’s making it her story. Take a look at Evelyn Rodriguez’s blog at Tsunami Anniversary as she winds her way through the countries affected by the tsunami. Terrific work.

Evelyn, a Silicon Valley-based writer on technology, marketing and grass roots media, is in Sri Lanka this week. As she tells me, she’s so busy swapping SIM cards, and experiencing the culture that the real writing will have to wait.

One thought on “Evelyn Rodriguez in Sri Lanka

  1. Actually it takes so long to tell the stories properly and that takes time away from following up on contact leads and ground interviews while I’m actually in-country that I’ve decided much of the best writing isn’t time sensitive and can wait for my return on the 20th. I can honestly say that it’ll take me at least two more months to convey all the rich material I’ll have amassed after nine weeks in Thailand and Sri Lanka combined. I especially want to thank you for your kind assistance with wonderful contacts here in Sri Lanka.


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