Top 5 podcasts teachers should listen to

Why limit yourself to education podcasters? By all means start with one. We teachers can learn a lot about how to present content from journalists, poets, historians and entrepreneurs. Otherwise we risk living in the bubble!

  1. Google Teacher Podcast – Hosted by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell, this seasonal podcast is a huge asset for educators who like to stay aboard the high-speed Google express.

2. Grammar Girl – A fantastic podcast about language hosted by Mignon Fogarty, a former journalism instructor. Even if you’re not an English teacher, her take on how we communicate applies to any field. It was one of the earliest podcasts I listened to about eight years ago.

3. This American Life – One of the most listened to podcasts, hosted by Ira Glass, a radio guy. He chronicles the gritty, real life of average people who just might happen to be our students. Ira won a Pulitzer this year for his show – a first for podcasters! If there is only one podcast you should listen to its’s this one!

4. Invisibilia – A relative new podcast begun in 2015. Extremely well researched, it mines “the intangible forces that shape human behavior.” The true life stories probe the unspoken and unseen forces that shape much around us – a sort of professional Development class that you never signed up for but wish you had!

5. Revisionist History – Remember Malcolm Gladwell? Yes, that guy whose books gave us terms such as ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘Outliers.’ Gladwell’s take on events whether they are related to Hamlet or the FBI, to make your head spin!

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