Storytelling with Google Earth. Neat multimedia tool!

I found an interesting way to use Google Earth to enhance a lesson. It’s called TourBuilder.  It’s set up like a slide deck, and is quite intuitive. You need to have a Google account to log in and use it.

Ideally you need to have your images and videos ready to use. But you could search and embed them from other image sources – including yours, if your images are searchable. I tried my hand at it, creating a story based on a fascination with geology, and photography of rocks, canyons, geysers, and gorges. The ‘tour’ starts in Arizona at the Grand Canyon, hops across to Wyoming to Yellowstone, and then to Ithaca, NY.

You could check it out here

It’s possible to use this as a way of documenting a road trip, for instance, and attach specific dates to each stop. A great way to supplement journaling, and deeper, and richer than FB posts or tweets.



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