The ‘Transmedia’ appproach to finding your voice

Digital storytelling is an area I have been fascinated by, especially since I started writing about the death of attention (and the rise of chatter).

Transmedia has been advocated by some as one solution to the attention-deficit problem that communicators and brand managers face. I’ve interviewed a few people on some ‘secrets’ of digital storytelling in my book, Chat Republic, but this explanation in a just-published article in Communication World magazine clarifies it even further.

Transmedia storytelling, says Alison Norrington, fragments a narrative, defines hotspots within the story(world) and thereby engages different demographics.The fragmented narrative engages the ‘pull’ method to draw people’s voices around a theme or story –as opposed to the old ‘push’ method that didn’t leave space for the audience to talk back.

Want to read the whole article? Its available free here on the spanking new IABC Digital site for CW.

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