Augmented Reality could ‘erase’ instead of overlay

As I frequently cover Augmented Reality, I am especially enthused how it could be used not just in marketing, but in education and, outside of schools, in knowledge sharing.

The Korean Reunification Project is an inspiring example of how we could stretch the boundaries, literally, of AR. While the technology of adding new layers of content to ‘augment’ the real life experience is marvelous, this one is all about erasing, not adding.

Erasing, as in erasing (‘and heal’) the scars left on a country that was divided.

The project removes the elements that were part of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) “returning it to its natural state before Korea was divided.”

It was developed by new media artist Mark Skwarek, who says his erasAR project is capable of erasing physical objects from the face of the earth!

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