When ‘Policy’ is a synonym for Ripoff at Data Doctors

I should’ve read this before I went to Data Doctors. Check this: http://ow.ly/3yKSN

I took in my son’s laptop in for a diagnostic, and was given a price breakdown.

  • Cost of hard drive was $109.
  • Cost of installing OS was $199.

The Hard Drive had failed, so since they told me that the cost of the diagnostic ($59) would be deducted from any services they carry out, I then asked them to install a new HD.

But that’s probably the cue they were waiting for. No can do, they tell me.


The magic statement: “That’s our policy.”

Which is?

“We could only install the hardware if we also reinstall the Operating system.”

Oh, really?

Policy is a terrible way to enforce a service that denies customers their rights. Also hiding behind policy is a a formula to take advantage of someone with a fee for something that is way out of line with normal business markup.

In one of those reviews of a similar ripoff (and there are more) a customer noted that

“The guy quoted my 100.00 just to sit down with the computer and see if the data could be retrieved, and then said it would be another 99.00 to obtain this data on the computer and give to me.”

I have no problem paying for a diagnostic service. I don’t even mind that the Hard Drive I was quoted is an unrealistic price. But I do have a problem when someone attempts to enforce an all-or-nothing plan.

That’s not just service policy. That’s a policy which guarantees you never have a repeat customer.

By the way, this was store #240.

4 thoughts on “When ‘Policy’ is a synonym for Ripoff at Data Doctors

  1. Angelo,
    If you’d like to contact me, I’d be happy to see what we can do to remedy this situation. It is our normal business practice to apply the diagnostic fee to any service we offer – if we failed to deliver on that, then I will make sure we make it right. We’ve been in business since 1988 and have spent a great deal of time and effort making sure we take great care of our customers. Feel free to contact me via email with the best way to reach you and we’ll get to the bottom of things.


  2. Thanks for responding Brandon
    Since your comment I did get a cal from Robert, who also explained how Dada Doctors works and the real ‘policy.’ I will probably talk about this on our radio show this Wednesday on 1100KFNX –find it at http://www.your3bl.com


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