Does Tiger Woods have a story to tell?

You’ve probably see the web buzzing about Tiger Woods and Nike — the video has gotten some 600,000 views.

I’m no fan of video –especially ‘ads’ — as a means of working out a credibility issue.  Seen too many of those. Face to camera, a remorseful look, a hit of a tear etc may be great, or even necessary when a CEO or leader  is forced to answer to people, and address questions he/she had dodged. Not so credible, but it’s the formula. Clinton, Spitzer, Sanford, McGwire, Bryant …

But when it’s followed by your sponsor’s logo –in this case the ubiquitous Nike swoosh –what does that say about the sincerity of the exercise?

The cynical part of me says, so what? It’s risky. But it’s not as risky as what got him into this spot in the first place.

Maybe he does have a story to tell, but he doesn’t need his sponsor, nor his diseased dad to create a narrative.

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