Podcast: All waste equals lost profit

As most of you readers know, I’ve started podcasting at GreenNurture, where I handle social media strategy.

In this podcast I asked Derrick Mains to talk about something that we don’t think too much about –how waste that literally ‘travels through the supply chain’ can be eliminated. In fact many businesses that are now monetizing it. I came across a statement that inspired this conversation, that there is no such thing as trash, just misappropriated resources.’

No doubt, these images of a temple in Bangkok (built with one million empty bottles) are an extreme example of that, but on a micro level using things ready for the trash or recycle bin have value, and work like currency. I am a big fan/customer of Bookmans, and have saved hundreds of dollars on books, magazines, software and music by ‘exchanging’ unused resources.

Get more details here.

Download the podcast here.

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