What an inukshuk teaches content creators

Beyond the visual effect of Bing –especially if you’ve been a Google user out of habit–there’s a lot we could learn from how the search engine treats relevance.

Take for instance its hot-linking parts of this iconic symbol of the Inuits– the inukshuk. It is on one level a way of creating a dynamic home page for searchers surrounded by Olympic-related information.

Embedding links is just a start. But like the inukshuk itself, that I quickly learned is more than a marker, it could sometimes create a ‘window’ to guide someone, and reveal something about the terrain –to suggest a good hunting or fishing area.

So the next time you are tasked with create content, think of it more than a pile of sentences. Stories are more than pyramids, inverted or not. They are windows to deeper knowledge. Like a good search engine, they surround a seeker with context, history and information that could be acted on.

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