Podcasting kicks in at GreenNurture

I’m a big fan of podcasting, as most of you readers probably know.

I’ve talked about it, written about it, been on BlogTalk Radio, and experimented with other similar formats such as iPadio. Along the way I produced some as well, starting with podcasts for ASU’s Decision Theaterfound here, or at iTunes

Trouble is, I have not taken time to put them all in one place –something I will get to shortly. (Yeah right, that’s if the cobbler’s children syndrome doesn’t kick in!)

So I am excited to be able to do it at this venue, for GreenNurture. We call them Nurturecasts, and we just launched the series, starting today.

Armed with a much-recommended ZoomH4N (that tends to look a friendly as a Taser, and upset a few TSA folk in airports), I’ve started on a series of podcasts for Public Radius as well.

Here is where to find them.

One thought on “Podcasting kicks in at GreenNurture

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