Two ways to think of print

I’m never in agreement with those who write the obit for print.

But this week I received two magazines that give us reason to pause, and assess where we are headed.


The first is an ad, obviously. It appeared in Process magazine. The other is IABC‘s CW Magazine.

Full disclosure. I write a column for CW. In this issue I happen to talk about using quick response codes as a means of extending the conversation…beyond print.

I tend to agree with statements like this: “Actually print is where words go to live” – John Griffin, President of National Geographic‘s magazine group.

Print lives in zones we never imagined. Two examples again:

  • Take Scribd. Publishers such as New York Times and Simon & Schuster are part of this.
  • Then take a look at Living Stories, a Google Labs project involving the New York Times and Washington Post.

Interesting isn’t it?

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