Quotes for the week ending 26 Dec, 2009

Easily mistaken for a universal remote, the Pepper Pad was really just a Linux-based mobile computer … that was purported to make it easy to operate from non-traditional work spaces (like poolside or in your favorite armchair).”

Fast Company, on the smart watches, remotes, control devices and laptops that didn’t make it in the ‘Aughties’

“I’m going on record and saying it –Hewlett Packard computers are racist.”

Store employee, Desi, in purported demo, about the facial tracking technology of an HP computer webcam that doesn’t follow him, a Black, while it does so when a White colleague enters the frame.”

“We believe that the camera might have difficulty “seeing” contrast in conditions where there is insufficient foreground lighting.”

HP’s Frosty, on Voodoo Blog, about the flap over its Media Smart cameras being ‘racist’.

“We invite you to connect with us on the discussion boards and forums here on The Next Bench or on Twitter at @HP_PC.”

Hewlett Packard’s response, attempting to manage the PR fallout, using social media

“Meanwhile, the tech-bloggers trembled all year at (as yet unfulfilled) rumors of an Apple tablet.”

Fast Company, on the Amazon Kindle –one of the top gadgets of the decade.

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