“Customer experience with be huge in 2010”

In a great conversation with Nathan Wagner of Creative Refinery on customer experience, which he says will be the big differentiation in 2010.

Also testing how the integration of email and Word Press – and posting this directly via a Blackberry.

We are at Gold Bar coffee shop in Tempe. Nathan’s an old friend who advises clients on creating value increasing sales.

Update: Had to go in via the web to reformat the photo and headline. Since this was an experiment I had forgotten to write the headline in my subject line. The photo was taken on my phone by a fellow customer. By default, the phone’s email program uses the image name (usually a string of letters) as a subject line, so you need to watch out for that.

Word Press does have a few custom settings –short codes as they call them -for including the category of the post, making it a draft etc. I can see these expanding as more people begin to use smart phones to create content.

I like to see short codes to:

  • Resize the photo
  • Add some basic HTML
  • Include a URL

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