Who’ll be the Citizen Journalist at ‘Hopenhagen?’

I’ve been following the Hopenhagen campaign from many angles. I wrote about it in several places, because it’s an interesting collision of a global movement, and social media.

No wonder the Huffington Post is running a contest, asking for submissions from would-be citizen journalists, to report from Copenhagen next week. It’s looking for an ambassador who’ll represent HuffPo. I wish I could have entered the contest myself. It’s almost too late, but if you know of someone who has the credentials –passion, really– send them this link today! Deadline is tomorrow –1 Dec.

Such an impressive line up of contenders. I love how David Kroodsma makes his pitch. On a bike, but only to state how he’s used his wheels to educate people across 21,000 miles.

There are lots of other good entries. But it’s not all about one’s YouTube or Facebook savvy that counts. I’m rooting for an ambassador that’s a passionate story-teller.

Watch this space for more on this.

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