Quotes for the week, ending 5 Sept, 2009

“Fox knows that spewing this kind of sensationalistic crap to reporters will get her lots of press.”

Missy Schawttz, of Pop Watch, commenting on on Megan Fox’ rant against Transformers director Michael Bay.

“Some days we talk about the weather. Some days we talk about the ‘Chicken Dance.’

Alecia Dantico, on building community using Twitter.

“How’s the German car-maker whipping up an alt-fuel frenzy? With videos of lawnmowers.”

Fast Company review of ads by Audi, that rumor has it, might announce an electric powertrain

“Study finds prime time on the Internet is 11 p.m.”

Findings from a new study that shows there has been a shift in surfing times.

“So when I get upset about A BRAND NEW $1,300 APPLIANCE NOT WORKING, it’s not like I’m getting upset about the fact that my butler has bad breath.”

Heather Armstrong (a.k.a. Dooce) who blogged and tweeted about her Maytag washing machine on August 26th. It included a Tweet that went “So that you may not have to suffer like we have: DO NOT EVER BUY A MAYTAG. I repeat: OUR MAYTAG EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE.”

” @dooce We are trying to contact you by phone. Please DM me with your contact information. Thank you!”

Response from Whirlpool, via Twitter on the night of August 26th,

BTW: Guy on phone at Maytag headquarters was phenomenal. Super nice, super helpful.

Heather’s response to Whirlpool’s response.

“Phoenix has a reputation,” Moriarty says. “Joe Arpaio. Dry heat. That kind of junk. It’s not a personality…”

Jonathan Mcnmara, in Phoenix New Times, on the attempt by Jeff Moriaty to create cultural identity for Phoenix.

“Malicious pseudo-environmentalists”

Review of a ‘scareware’ vendor, reviewed by ZD Net,which calls it “a new social engineering tactic” (with a promise to donate $2 to save the Amazon forests).

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