Quotes for the week, ending 22 August, 09

“Welcome to the hunt!”

WIRED’s electronic manhunt, a game to find a Evan Ratliff. Anyone who comes up with a clue will get a free subscription of the magazine.

“The PR blogosphere is beating a dead horse – nonetheless, it’s a horse tied to a rocket.”

Dan Wool, Co-editor of ValleyPRBlog, on social media hype and how strange it is that after 5-6 years of it being mainstream, we’re still screaming that the sky is falling.

“As the TV networks and hundreds of other businesses realized, computers could be used to impress people. A poll prediction looked much more accurate on computer print-out paper than in human handwriting.”

Cory Doctorov, on the earliest use of a ‘computer’ to predict election results, in the fifties sixties

“This isn’t an announcement of my disappearance.”

Larry Lessig, saying he is taking a sabbatical form blogging

“Tap into the expertise of your organization, and create a ‘content stew”

Pam Slim, at Social Media Az conference in Tempe, Arizona

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