Quotes for the week, ending 1 August, 2009

“One over-riding rule: do not ask how long your episodes should be. Ask yourself hows short you can make them. People have a limited time to watch/listen to content.”

Evo Terra, co-author of Podcasting for Dummies, when I interviewed him for an upcoming article and, podcast.

“It’s at the point where we almost don’t need to use press releases,”

Martin Murray, senior corporate news representative for the Public Service of New Hampshire, on using Twitter as a way to update customers on an power outage due to an ice storm

“With no correspondents allowed on the ground, the BBC, like almost all major news organisations, is forced to rely on the honesty of citizen journalists to provide details from the protests.”

BBC report on how citizen journalism is on the rise in Iran

Media reports speculated that “Bruno” suffered from the “Twitter effect…”

Reuter report on how movie studios are using Twitter, but how it can sometimes backfire. Tweets about Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay-themed comedy, Bruno, created buzz but also scared people away.

“Lifestyle Lift regrets that earlier third-party Web site content did not always properly reflect and acknowledge patient comments or indicate that the content was provided by Lifestyle Lift,”

Press Release by the the company after New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo came to a settlement with cosmetic surgery firm for published fake consumer reviews on the Net.

“Hey, that’s Apple. They do what they do, and they don’t really care what the rest of us think, as long as they make cool products that we’re willing to pay for.”

Shel Holtz, commenting on the problems of how all reviews on iTunes do not show up the same in all countries. On For Immediate Release, episode 468.

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