Full-on social media coverage for IABC World Conference

While I had to skip attending this year’s IABC World Conference that kicked off yesterday, it may be the year that best defines how how communication had turned a corner, with so many ways of covering an event.

Check this list of staff covering the event via Twitter.

Just a cursory search of the usual tools and you’ll find many ways to follow people and presentations, back-channel chatter, and some background to the events. Here are a few. I will update this as the conference proceeds.

Twitter, Of course. The Hash tag is IABC09.  Goes without saying that almost everyone member at the conference is tweeting.

AudioBoo. The podcasting app for iPhone users. Already people like Donna Papacosta and Bryan Person have uploaded content.

For Immediate Release podcast. Show #455 from the conference flow.

Twitpic: Bryan Person, Shel Holtz, and others capturing the conference photos

Flickr: images from Linda Johannesson and others

YouTube. Again the IABC09 tag brings up new content all the time. (Must watch: Hilarious ‘Grumpy Old Men’ series.)


  1. Real-time coverage: Within minutes of Best Buy’s Brian Dunn receiving the 2009 Excel Award, I was listening to a snippet of his speech, uploaded to AudioBoo, by Neville Hobson.
  2. Member participation. Linda Johanneson, traveled to San Fran on a scholarship. Instead of providing a conference report when she returns, she’s documenting it at a blog (Outathagate) as it happens!
  3. Podcasts from Bryan Person recorded in his iPhone: DailyBoo




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