Word map your tweets and learn from it!

Did you know you can log in to your Twitter account via Tweetstats, and create a word cloud of just your posts? After this  previous post I wondered. Could a word map be useful, apart from its eye-candy appeal?


As those of us who took part in this exercise begin compiling a report of our social media coverage, I realized that this could be another way to create a snapshot of each team member’s activity. But besides that, I can see a few other uses:

  1. It can be used to compare two different events that have something in common –say two consecutive lectures, two conferences, to compare the buzz that speakers generate.
  2. Or to take it to a macro level, we could track  hash tags  in relation to a particular brand attribute, and map it over consecutive weeks. This will give a brand manager better understanding how that attribute is being received 0r rejected in the twittersphere.
  3. We can they overlay it with other analytics using a service such as Buzzgain or Crawdad, and see the effect from multiple angles.
  4. We could the word map from one event to set a target for a similar event. In the above example, the words “thanks” and “news” add not value, and probably were a waste of characters given the 140 limitation.

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