One way to handle a Twitter squatter

Thought this story about the televangelist, whose ‘channel’ was hijacked by a Twitter cyber-squatter was a great way to handle a potential brand / identity theft situation.

Robert H. Schuller, isn’t interested in fighting with the impostor, but hiring the person.

“I was honored that anybody thought my material was good enough to be repeated,”

Of course, Schuller’s next statement, that he is considering how he “could hire them as a ghostwriter,” is going to send shivers down the blogosphere that looks at ghost tweeting, like ghost blogging as the eleventh ‘thou shalt not.”

Not many know other leaders like the Dalai Lama are using Twitter in a big way, with quotes like “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” Which soulds a lot like Fuller’s when life gives you lemons… statement.

But how does a non celeb resolve an issue where a name or brand has been taken on Twitter? There’s a thoughtful piece by an Gartner research director, Thomas Otter, on intellectual property issues and Twitter handles.

On the other hand, maybe people pay too much attention to Twitter handles, having worn the ‘brand’ lenses for too long.

One thought on “One way to handle a Twitter squatter

  1. I agree with your authenticity insight on Twitter, but using it for messaging / marketing is like playing online customer Marco Polo. Best to pull followers to you in the most compelling way you are able.

    The challenge in that is everybody is talking on Twitter, and few are listening. Who scrolls through the pages – which can be many depending on number of following – to respond or click through anything? Find those that do and tell others… that’s your best audience, but the cost is regardless who started it.


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