My Twitter spelling lesson

Some IABC members have probably received your copy of CW. I know a few of you have already read my article, “You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter” because you sent me a tweet to say so. Thanks!

But I came across two terrible mistakes which I have to take responsibility for. The first is getting the name of a person I cited wrong. I misspelled the last name of Brendan Hodgson, the Canadian PR practitioner. Sorry Brendan! As bad as that, was my suggesting that a good way to send a direct tweet to someone was by using the @ sign in front of the name. Anyone using Twitter for a few seconds will tell you the @sign works like a trackback in blogs, alerting the person that you referred to him/her. You could only send a direct message to someone you are following if that person is nuts enough tp follow you back.

As many people I have been checking with have told me, there’s always something to learn when using Twitter. Not only does it force you not to ramble, but it makes you learn the difference between public and private conversations. Just because someone is following you does not mean they understand your general tweet, or understand the context.

I know some hard-core texters in Asia who use such cryptic language, it takes sm cnctrtng 2 fgr wht thyr syng. Twitter hard-core users have their own jargon, too. (I don’t follow those tweeps.) If by chance you do and need 2 fgr wht thyr syng, check this Twittonary. Have you heard of words like ‘tweegosearching’ and ‘twead?’ head over there now. I feel tweepish even suggesting that!

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