People’s inauguration –and how to contribute to it

As the stage is set for this moment in American history, there’s much work being done to tap into the passion of the country via social media –to make it a ‘for the people, by the people’ event.

Here are a few ways to join the conversation:

  • The New York Times is accepting photos that get published here. Email them to
  • National Public Radio has  Twitter two tags if you feel inclined to tweet. Send them to #inaug09 or #dctrip09.
  • Flickr: NPR is also using the same tags, inaug09 or dctrip09, for those wishing to upload pictures to Flickr
  • Text in news to NPR: Send it to short code 66937 (begin your message with #inaug09 or #dctrip09)
  • CurrentTV will blend Twitter comments with the telecast. When you tweet, add #current to your comments and it might get featured.
  • Citizen’s Briefing Book: This is a neat project I wrote about earlier
  • Live Blog by Sam Teller
  • You could be an iReporter on CNN-iReport and send in a reports during the day

inaugurationpix_1Pictures like the one on the left (The New York Times) have already started pouring in, with pictures like this, and this.

PBS is asking for people to call a toll-free number via Gabcast and record an audio segment.

Of course, if you just want to be updated on events there’s an inauguration Twitter feed: obamainaugural

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