One more reason to enter Gold Quill

I have to admit I have been avoiding entering for an IABC Gold Quill for some time now. I have my standard response: “I am not an awards-type person.” But having listened to a webinar this morning by Towers Perrin, with folks like Jennifer Wah on the panel, makes me want to give it a shot.

Three things resonated with me. Maybe it will inspire one of you too.

  1. Jennifer boiled it down to this: “Think about telling your story.”
  2. What grabs a judge’s attention is your audience description –if you show that you *know* your audience, then you have a better way of framing your solutions to fits the objective.
  3. There is an entry this year for Social Media work.

#2 sounds pretty basic, esp for most of us who wear a marketing hat, and preach to others about knowing thy audience. But I guess that’s often overlooked –the shoemaker’s children effect –when you’re working on your own project.

Interested? Here’s a good place to start. Entries close 9 Feb.

That’s like 16 working days from today! Get sprinting!

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