Things you may not know about…

  • Facebook: It has 140 million active users. Of all users, more than  70 percent are found outside the US.
  • The TSA: These guys who have the power to get you to take your shoes off in the airport, have a blog. You’d be amazed at the interesting stories they have, such as detecting ‘artful concealment.’
  • Corporate Spam: Redbull encourages you to opt-in to email news, calling it RedBullSpam. Honest!
  • Twitter: It saw a 343 percent increase in usage over the previous year, with 2.4 million users. FriendFeed has some 500,000 users
  • Friendfeed is now available in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese
  • Online generosity: In spite of the economic downturn, when Wikipedia held out the bowl, 50,000 contributors responded with $2 million in just eight days. More than 125,000 people donated.
  • Facebook: You could find more than 52,000 applications on FB. No wonder they call it a time-suck!
  • Political Tweets: Seven British MPs are tweeting. Tom Watson
    Andy Reed, Jo Swinson, Grant Shapps, Lynne Featherstone, Kerry McCarthy and David Lammy. More than 10 US politicians are tweeting. Including Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.
  • LiveJournal, the other blogging platform that does not seem to get a lot of press, has some 17.8 million users. By comparison, has some 5 million blogs.
  • WordCamp (a real life meeting of WordPress users) that is a user-organized Podcamp like conference, was held in 29 locations last year.
  • Dell has more than 65 Twitter properties!
  • The Village Pump is a Wikipedia page where you can discuss technical issues and those sticky policies in Wikipedia (like tagging, bias, ‘coat racking’ etc)

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