Concepting: Amusing look at agency ideation

24 Oct

In a discussion with Rohit Bhargava last evening, the conversation turned to how everyone is an expert when it comes to design. I couldn’t help thinking back to the old agency days I left behind, when there was no shortage of experts on the client side when it came to typography, white space, logos and even media buys.

If you’ve ever watched a client excuse himself from the room to ask the rest of the office what they thought of a concept, you’ll know what I mean. The copy and the layout come back with all kinds of inane comments that makes you want to jump out of the window and do a George Lois. (“You make the Matzo. I’m make the ads.”)

So this vignette of the creative process by “Dave” and his team at an agency is hilarious but telling. Dave’s ‘baby’ is subject to all kinds of tweaks.

Don’t laugh too hard. You may catch yourself saying some of these things:

  • “Let’s get this idea cleaned up and ready” – code for, ‘this is embarrassing, let’s dress it up a bit.”
  • “Make it more edgy” – as in, “it should offend someone, dude!”
  • “You don’t mind (that we mangled the original idea) do you?”

Meanwhile, Creatives are supposed to keep compromising, bite their tongue and move on to the next big idea. So watch this video one more time and think twice before bullying your creative talent into  concept-producing machines.


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