Slogan about drilling gets a grilling

20 Oct

It is time someone started analyzing the lame slogans that get passed around as a stand-in for policy. As a declared independent voter, I can afford to look at both sides, and see why people are so misinformed.

Slogans, like taglines, have overstayed their time. Bumper stickers may tell you something about the driver of the vehicle, but it hardly gets you to download the policy and read between the lines.

Drill, baby drill: And, so it irritates me when I hear slogans like ‘drill baby drill” as if it was our answer to the mother-of-all crisis facing this country, of which energy is but one component. For those supporters of governor Palin, and her ‘energy expertise’ claim, Thomas Friedman put it this way:

“At least the king of Saudi Arabia, in advocating “drill baby drill,” is serving his country’s interests — by prolonging America’s dependence on oil. My problem with Palin is that she is also serving his country’s interests — by prolonging America’s dependence on oil.”

Change we can believe In. Obama may be the new Great Communicator, but I can’t relate to this. It does not say exactly what he plans to do as Mr. change agent. It also states the obvious. Change is something you do because you believe in it, not because you want to have a fling with. You don’t change your job because you doubt it could make you better off.

My point: these slogans shortchange the electorate. People start thinking small, and start repeating this small-mindedness all the way to the polling booth. OK, so that’s a political strategy, to get your candidate voted, but after that, what? Will we need slogans to energize the electorate for every piece of legislature that needs to be passed?

In one way I am glad there is someone like governor Palin pushing slogans. It shows how hollow they really are.

Sidebar: There is no shortage of slogans.
An early one for Palin: “Hottest governor. Coldest state.”
More recently: “Lipstick Republican”

You’d never think we are in such an economic crisis!

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