Quotes for the week ending 4 October, 2008

04 Oct

“Washington Mutual went from “Whoo hoo” to “uh-oh.”

Mike Cassidy at San Jose Mercury News, in a column about the financial crisis and how angry we all are.

“Digital Marketing could well be one of the main industries that will benefit from this downturn, and when things turnaround (they always do), we can all be hopeful that Digital Marketing will lead the brand and advertising strategy.”

Mitch Joel, podcaster, marketer and soon-to-be-author, with his characteristic glass-is-half-full view of the world.

“We also believe that Americans … should be able to ‘debate the debates’ using all available tools on the internet and elsewhere, including blogs, web video services, and other means.”

John McCain campaign’s general counsel, Trevor Potter in a letter to Lawrence Lessig‘s call for open debates.

“Connected real estate.”

Padma Worrier, Chief Technology Officer at Cisco talking about its vision of smart, connected buildings that monitor themselves.

“If this thing follows the normal course, there would be calls for boycotts, protests and so on.”

Greg Sandoval or CNet on the news that the Copyright Royalty Board, and the Digital Music Association have called for a rate increase per music track.

“If there’s one sports league that could and should capitalize on social media marketing, it’s the NHL. It’s downright cultish.”

Jason Baer, on the poor use of social media by the National Hockey League.

“The stories should contain a story.”

Sarah Wurrey, or Media Bullseye, quoting Marta Karlqvist, on advice for Sarah Palin who is facing a lot of press this week.

“If you’d been blogging in 1932, would you have told people to put down the phone and pointed them to that typewriter thingy on their desks.”

Shel Holtz, to blogger Jeremy Pepper on the latter’s suggestion that PR people get off email and get on the phone.

“Having your friends sorted by battleground states is something I haven’t seen any other politician come up with before. This is a glimpse of the future of high-tech politicking.”

Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent, CNet, on the Obama campaign using the iPhone into a recruiting tool.

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