Communicating sustainability in a turbulent economy

16 Sep

Close on the heels of the Green Summit, a Phoenix-based event that we backed, comes another one.

This is the Sustainability Summit in Washington DC. The panel discussion tomorrow will be moderated by Aaron Brown, former CNN news anchor who is now professor or journalism at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

It’s going to be an animated panel, that includes John Hofmeister (formerly the pres of of Shell, Rob Walton, chairman of Walmart, William Ford, exec chairman of Ford and others.

My guess: there will be a lot of context thrown in with relation to this week’s turbulence in the financial markets and Wall Street. Environmental challenges and the resources big corporations throw at them are not isolated from the financial turmoil we are witnessing. Besides the role that government and industry plays in all this, I am interested to see what Aaron Brown says about the role the media.

My take: Journalism needs to ramp up fast and invest more in covering sustainability –going beyond the slick headlines, and feel-good stories about recycling and changing light bulbs. This will be the topic for my next post.

Tomorrow’s live webcast here.

Time: 9 am Eastern

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