How to make a ‘green’ message stick

06 Sep

After you spend some time at a conference on sustainable practices and products, (titled ‘Green Summit’) the 5-letter word GREEN becomes wallpaper. How to break through the clutter? Here are two examples of people who go to great lengths to tell their story.

I admire the man, John Schaar, dressed up in scuba-diving gear (outside temp in Phoenix: 107 degrees) to promote what is basically a filtration system that produces drinking water out of the humidity in the room. (It tasted just like any other bottled water product.) The company, Xziex International, was situated in an aisle with a slew of green products, from drinks to cleaning products that are available today. A scuba diver who gives you a great elevator pitch is hard to forget.

Then, there was this guy Mitch Goldstein, with no product to sell but a message writ large. He’s a teacher from San Francisco, attending the conference to check the pulse, but also to tell his story that I will go into in another post. What I wanted to focus on is how he’s using a white shirt as you would a white board with the bullet points. The elements on his left and right sleeve are the two parts of his message that he says people need to know more about.


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